Brand Engagement Rate Still 1%, But Facebook Is OK With That

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“new research says people aren’t engaging with brands on facebook.”


Brands on Facebook have gone from 1% engagement all the way to 1.4% engagement, mostly courtesy of Facebook changing the way they measure engagement.


The solution? As proposed by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, a marketing think tank based in Australia: “Facebook is becoming more and more like traditional media. It may be time for advertisers to move on from worrying about how many fans they have to instead explore how many category buyers Facebook can reach, for what cost, and to what effect.”


What rubbish!


The solution is to actually engage with people. Have something to say besides “I can get it for you cheap!”


Wake up marketers. This isn’t your grandkid’s marketing. It’s a whole new way of relating to your franchise, beyond BS demographics.


The only thing that will work – and you may eventually find this out – is developing relationships, not better segmentation.

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