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This is a tremendous blog post by a friend:


“Culture is changing. These media companies don’t overlay across actual consumer behaviors. And executives fall for the curse. Over and over, I hear these self-delusional myths:


“You can’t measure digital.”
“You can’t measure social media.”
“Our customers don’t use smart phones.”
“No one buys anything on social networks.”
“What if people say the wrong things about us?”
“What if our competitors are listening in?”
“But what about our distribution channel? Won’t they get upset if we start to engage our customers directly, even if those customers want to?”


What if times have changed? You can’t unwind digital just as you can’t unwind the fact that America is increasingly diverse. There’s a decision deficit that’s driving good people out of corporate America while denial-based leaders continue on. We saw how that mentality played out last Tuesday, and we’ll see it across boardrooms as well. We’re talking capitalism now, not government.”

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About NextPhase Selling

Social Media Performance Group is a premier enterprise social media consulting company that offers a unique approach to integrating social media into the enterprise — forget about the tools, it's all about the strategy! Rather than focusing on the tactics (do this or that on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), first we work with you and your senior leadership to comprehend your corporate strategy. Once we understand your strategic objectives and goals, we show you how a comprehensive social media strategy can integrate with and support your corporate strategy. We take an enterprise-wide view based on our unique Enterprise Social Media Framework, which maps social media to all appropriate touchpoints in your enterprise. We go beyond the obvious quick hits — sales and marketing — and help you achieve social-media-driven results in areas such as product development, customer service, and employee engagement and retention. As a result, social media is not just bolted on; it is integrated with, and provides support for, your company's existing strategy and operations, yielding unprecedented results.
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