Content Curation Is Speed Chess: Why Algorithms Lost The Content Curation War

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Guillaume Decugis: “These are the slides of my talk at DataWeek 2012.


This is what is it was about: “We engineers love data and algorithms. They help create amazing things. But if and when we forget that people create data and that data can be improved by people, we will miss the promise of Big Data. It’s time we all thought of this not as social vs algorithm but as Humanrithm.”


And I also took the example of Content Curation as a case study.”


Marty Note
“I believe there are feeds in all of our futures ( ), but there is no math I know of that is half as good at curation as even an average human (lol). There is no way to adapt the artificial intelligence that happens in the moment of curation.

A million ideas are firing in seconds across a range of dimensions such as:

* Does the content fit into curation philosophy and themes?
* Is the source trusted?

* What needs to be added or emphasized to create a fit?
* How does this content relate to latest moves?
* What moves does this content imply?

Content marketing and curation is like Star Trek chess. You are playing a game in many dimensions simultaneously. Almost forgot to mention you are playing SPEED CHESS with a million or so players and about half are better than you (lol). Now go and survive, go and win.”


Take a look at this presentation. It asks some pretty important questions about the role of humans in making sense of all the information humans produce.

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