StratVantage Consulting, LLC — Mike’s Take on the News 11/20/00

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StratVantage Consulting, LLC — Mike’s Take on the News 11/20/00

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The News – 11/20/00

Supreme Court to Decide Freelancers’ Database Rights

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a suit filed by six freelance writers regarding whether publisher must get permission from freelancers before including their work in databases. The appeals court said that databases were like anthologies and didn’t require additional permissions. Laurence Tribe said finding for the plaintiffs would ruin the online database industry and cause the deletion of thousands of contributions from freelancers.

A decision is expected by next June.


Gartner on the Wireless Future

I mostly like this article for offering the most bizarre timeline graph I’ve ever seen:

What in heaven’s name is this all about? I guess this means we’ll get all this cool wireless stuff by 2004, since none of the, uh, bars reach the outer ring? Or do they all end at 2005? I’m confused.

Anyway, Gartner predicts that Bluetooth will replace wires and infrared as the connectivity choice by 2004.


Catch the Waves

Gartner defines three waves of eBusiness:

  • Wave 1: the Web as marketing tool
  • Wave 2: the extended enterprise
  • Wave 3: the new world

Riding the extended enterprise wave into the new world is part of what I’ll cover in my upcoming speech at Delphi Group’s B2B Summit at the end of the month. I’ll include a link to the PowerPoint once it’s published.


More on UDDI

UDDI is the eBusiness standard proposed by Ariba, Microsoft, and IBM. It intends to allow businesses an easy way to find out how to do business with each other. To that end, the companies are creating a series of directories:

  • The White Pages contain business names, descriptions, and other information regarding the kinds of services a vendor uses and also what technology they can respond to.
  • The Yellow Pages organize companies by geography and classify types of business operations using current government classifications as well as international and technology-based naming protocols.
  • The Green Pages provide more specific information on what types of documents a company can receive, the entry points for transactions, and the technology they currently interact with and support

Lots of companies have signed on to use the standard. Initially, the three sponsors will support the directories but say they’ll turn them over to a standards body in 18 months.


Wireless Too Big for Big Blue?

In an incredible InfoWorld story, an IBM spokesman is quoted as saying that IBM was trying to sign up traditional system integrator competitors at a recent InfoWorld conference to help them with wireless implementations. IBM is holding “Wireless m-camps” for 200-300 professional services organizations starting in December.

Any doubt wireless will be big?


Just What We Need: Another XML Standard

Bowstreet, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, and Sun announced they are developing XAML, or Transaction Authority Markup Language. They hope the specification will ensuring the integrity of automated transactions over the Internet.

Microsoft declined to sign up for the effort, calling it a “pig in a poke” that was long on marketing and short on technical detail. News flash: Pot calls kettle black!

The companies claim XAML (pronounced zamel, perhaps?) will run over Microsoft’s SOAP protocol.

Honestly. Can’t we all just get along?


FTC Publishes B2B Anti-Trust Guidelines

In a highly anticipated move, the FTC has published a report that lays down guidelines for how they will look at B2B marketplaces regarding anti-trust concerns. It said that each case is likely to be unique, but there are three major areas they’ll use to evaluate an eMarketplace:

  • a high aggregate market share for the participants in an industry-specific b-to-b exchange
  • a high level of restraints on processing supply-chain transactions outside the exchange
  • limits on interoperability with other Internet-based marketplaces


FTC Report

D&B and American International Group Create Risk Management JV

Well it’s about time credit reporting behemoth D&B woke up to the huge opportunity in helping businesses qualify their trading partners on the Internet. The new company, Avantrust (stupid name alert), will allow companies to confirm the identity of trading partners, inspect goods, manage and insure counterparty credit risks, insure delivery, and insure their Web sites.

D&B has had a dynamite service that allows you to get a Verisign digital certificate backed by D&B Business Information Report information for some time now. This builds on this toe in the water service to offer a complete suite.

Now if someone would only include the location-based evaluation services like those offered by Société Générale de Surveillance in the mix, that would really be a complete solution.



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