StratVantage Consulting, LLC — Mike’s Take on the News 9/28/00

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StratVantage Consulting, LLC — Mike’s Take on the News 9/28/00

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The News — 9/28/00

Rocket Cars That Go Splat, Involuntary Kidney Donations, and Other Net Myths

Don’t believe everything you read, and especially, don’t believe everything you see in your email box. I’ve spent many hours over my career trying to extinguish various types of net myths, which take on a life of their own as well-meaning colleagues forward them endlessly and clog up the corporate email system. In fact, for years, my particular pet peeve was the notion that you could harm your computer by reading an email. For years, this was not true. Sadly, reality caught up with myth, and today, email really can eat your computer. This article points to a number of excellent sites you can go to to find out if that juicy rumor is really true.

LA Times

Oracle B2B Not So Hot

Larry Ellison has vowed to smash B2B competitors like Ariba and Commerce One. This article says it hasn’t happened yet; will it ever? Oracle claims to be powering 55 online trading exchanges, including eight industry consortium exchanges. But their own exchange, Oracle Exchange, is a joke.


Dinosaurs Can Dance

One of the original exchanges, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, is getting on the Web, licensing Primex Trading’s online auction software. There’s life in the old girl yet.

News Release


About NextPhase Selling

Social Media Performance Group is a premier enterprise social media consulting company that offers a unique approach to integrating social media into the enterprise — forget about the tools, it's all about the strategy! Rather than focusing on the tactics (do this or that on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), first we work with you and your senior leadership to comprehend your corporate strategy. Once we understand your strategic objectives and goals, we show you how a comprehensive social media strategy can integrate with and support your corporate strategy. We take an enterprise-wide view based on our unique Enterprise Social Media Framework, which maps social media to all appropriate touchpoints in your enterprise. We go beyond the obvious quick hits — sales and marketing — and help you achieve social-media-driven results in areas such as product development, customer service, and employee engagement and retention. As a result, social media is not just bolted on; it is integrated with, and provides support for, your company's existing strategy and operations, yielding unprecedented results.
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